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Breaking free of outdated explanations and rigid "rules" for recovery, The Abstinence Myth offers a hopeful, research-based framework for transformation by an addiction expert and renowned TEDx speaker who overcame his own addiction and has guided hundreds of clients into lives of joy and purpose.

In this simple yet radical new book, Adi Jaffe, PhD, draws on his own life experience, cutting-edge research, and work with hundreds of clients and families to offer a new perspective on addiction and a new pathway out of its grasp.


It's time to throw out the "rulebook".

You can overcome the hopelessness, the doubt, and move forward. You can create a life you're proud of. Whether you're seeking help for yourself, a loved one, or anyone you might be guiding through a personal transformation, The Addiction Myth will change lives.


The Abstinence Myth Includes:

  • An introduction to the IGNTD Recovery Method

  • Details of Adi's dramatic and inspiring personal story.

  • The Mythology of Addiction and how it gets in our way with spiritual, biological, psychological, and environmental assumptions that are, in fact, only true some of the time for some people. 

  • Why the concept of "abstinence" is often a barrier to change and is not necessary for everyone for all time.

  • Important research that will shift your thinking, sense of hope, and success. 

  • Why shame can keep holding you back--and finding the way out. 

  • An explanation of the 3 IGNTD principles and the 9 steps to personalize your unique recovery path.


Editorial Reviews

“Recommended for those struggling & seeking a new approach that has actual research behind the proposed ideas & methods rather than anecdotal stories.”

-Mitch Smith

“Bold philosopy with personal experience.”


“This book has some incredible and original content which I would not have been able to find elsewhere. It’s clear that Adi put his passion and soul into writing this and I know for a fact it’s going to change so many lives.”

-Marissa Gehr

“Dr. Jaffe's new approach is like a breath of fresh air after feeling defeated for so long. After reading his book I am hopeful for not only myself, but others I know and love that are struggling. Thank you Dr. Jaffe for this new lease on life!”

-Amazon Customer

“I have been working with Dr. Jaffe for several months now and he has done more than I have experienced with others by far. He is so in touch with his patients and understands deeply what goes on in peoples' heads and souls and how to go about helping them. He has me wanting to do the work I am doing. I feel like I am on a role thanks to him. Don't miss his book, it is a life saving investment. PB”


“I found Dr. Jaffe’s recovery approach refreshing and so needed. This is a book that would appeal to people who are interested in moving away from the black-and-white thinking of abstinence versus non-abstinence, which can hold people back from getting help.

The Abstinence Myth shares stories of Dr. Jaffe’s own journey as well as others. He explains the process of his 9-step IGNTD Recovery program which is an important piece of the book and offers a more inclusive way to get recovery support.

This is an excellent book and one that everyone on the recovery path or family members should read.”

-Catherine Taughinbaugh

“Dr. Jaffe is flipping the script on addiction!”

-Michael Srobel