the IGNTD HERO “Nohab” program


Want to stop struggling with alcohol, drug, or sex addiction...

without paying a fortune for rehab, walking into rooms full of people or committing to quit forever?

While everyone wants to focus on the most obvious, there’s a whole other target that is REQUIRED to beat addiction FOREVER!
— Adi Jaffe, PhD

The IGNTD Recovery online course is completely revolutionizing the way people get help for their addictions and compulsive habits. Based on over 12 years of research and clinical experience, Dr. Jaffe's online education and coaching platform for ANYONE struggling with alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or food addictions has completely eliminated all of the barriers that have kept 90% of those who need help in the shadows.

With IGNTD Recovery Online, you can get better today!

In this course, you'll learn:

  •  #1 - My "You CAN Beat Addiction" System (that I discovered the HARD way...15 years later) to get rid of your addiction forever, even if you’ve tried every other method.

  •  #2 - The "Holy Crap, I Didn’t Know I Could Do That" Plan that's exactly what you need to beat your addiction now.

  •  #3 - My "TYPT Method" (Turn Your Pain To Triumph) to immediately transform your struggle into SUCCESS...with no more ruined relationships, rehab trips, or embarrassment!