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The IGNTD Relationship Podcast

IGNTD is an honest exploration of all things relationships. Husband and wife duo, Dr. Adi and Sophie Jaffe, go deep and explore topics that others shy away from. From intimacy and sex to cheating and trust all the way to death, drugs, spirituality, friendships, work, health, nutrition, wellness and success... they talk about it all and you get to listen in!

With some of the world’s most engaging guests, fly-on-the-wall couples sessions recorded live and stories from Adi and Sophie’s own relationship, this podcast doesn’t disappoint for entertainment, education and inspiration!



The IGNTD Recovery Secrets Podcast

Exploring the topic of compulsive habits, mental health and addiction through the combined lens of individual experience, academic research, historical exploration and storytelling, the IGNTD Recovery Secrets podcast touches on topics that others run from while presenting solutions that few discuss.

If you’ve even struggled in life (who hasn’t), you’ll appreciate Dr. Jaffe’s candid and transparent discussions of his own history, his clients’ work and his guests’ experiences. This is NOT your typical mental health exploration!


Listener Reviews


“I listen with my husband and I can’t tell you how shifting it’s been for our relationship. Thank you Adi and Sophie. Thank you.”


"I checked out this podcast not really sure what to expect. I’ve never heard a married couple speak to each other with this level of openness and honesty as these two. I almost felt like I was eavesdropping on a very personal and intimate conversation. Will keep listening as further episodes are released and add to this review. Bring it on!"


As someone that’s been directly affected by family members with addictions and that now counsels others, this podcast is so refreshing. Your authenticity is raw and relatable. You challenge the norms of society and psychology and you’re always open to feedback and questions. I’m so grateful for the stories you’ve shared!


“So raw and honest. Wow.”


"Sophie and Adi’s vulnerability and honesty is truly refreshing and inspiring. They openly talk about topics and hardships that many struggle with—yet many are afraid to talk about. Sharing their insight and journey has personally helped me on so many levels. These people are truly amazing and I can’t wait to listen to all of their episodes! 💗"


“My absolute favorite podcast to listen to. They are so real and authentic. I love how they choose to share everything, including the hardships. They are also extremely insightful and knowledgeable about the topics they discuss. Thank you Sophie and Adi for being so open and genuine. Looking forward to more podcasts!”


“I absolutely love this podcast. I have an hour commute to work/home and I have been listening every day. I struggle with self esteem/weight/food addiction and listening to their podcast has totally helped me to get on the path of healing. I get something out of every podcast. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Adi and Sophie. Keep up the great work, guys!”


“Sophie and Adi aren’t afraid to go deep and have the meaningful conversations we all should be having. their honesty with each other and themselves is refreshing and inspiring. Their guests are an eclectic mix of people who are doing equally amazing things and living inspiring lives. I’m hooked!”