Adi’s strength as a speaker comes from his ability to use his varied life experience and research to delve into some of the most difficult topic with ease. His commitment to learning, improvement and transparency creates an immediate connection with his audiences, leaving them inspired, transformed and motivated to take action. Using his knowledge in neuroscience, relationships, data analysis and the world of clinical transformation, Adi puts a roomful of strangers at ease and then gets them to explore their struggles and rethink their limitations like never before.

Harness the power of transparency into results!


Rebranding Your Labels

- Neuroscientific insights into the power of labels & stories we all carry

- A clear understanding of a path for breaking through label-based limits

- A clear set of tools to maximize future growth and avoid settling!

Adi’s session, based on his popular TEDx talk, allows everyone to rethink what is possible in their future and how to get more out of life… NOW!

Transformation Leadership

- Deep insights in leaders’ fears of failure and the impact on teams

- Unique perspectives on the pain & cost of inauthenticty in organizations

- A new radical-transparency + authenticity framework to create powerful, authentic and successful leadership!


Adi’s talks help organization leaders understand that by embracing the power of transparency to connect and inspire, they can create invincible teams that lead the charge!


innovation through transformation

- Unique insights into the true processes that make all great transformations possible

- The powerful secret that lets people & organizations harness the global fear of transformation to get an edge in the marketplace and in life!

- Powerful & actionable tools to harness & apply transformation in your environment with an eye towards growth and expansion!

A transformational and interactive experience that leaves audiences forever-changed and inspired to be their best selves

The Power of Overcoming Shame

- Powerful insights on the shame that keeps us from greatness

- Research-based tools to beat even the deepest struggles by building appropriate support

- Unique shame-releasing tricks and rituals to ignite any audience to a life full of fire and strength.



Adi enjoys working with event coordinators to customize his talks within the scope of his research and work.

If you’re looking for a speaker that will leave your audiences to make their lives, and your organization, the best that it can be, Adi’s blend of inspiration, science and practicality will be sure to fit the bill.

Let us know how we can craft a talk that will bring your audience to their feet and ignite their minds and hearts to action!